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The iPhone 3G is coming to Greece. Almost...June 10 2008

The iPhone 3G is coming to Greece. Almost...

Yesterday night (or day for Americans), Apple showcased the iPhone. It is a new version of the very successful phone, music, internet device that Apple released last summer and it is updated to include 3G support, GPS and a new (cheaper for me) design. Apple confirmed that the new phone will be available to 70 major markets and for the first time in history that includes Greece (a major market? we don't even have an apple store).

The iphone will be released on the 11th of July. But that's only for some lucky fellows that live in 21 major-major markets, while the rest we have to wait till some time this year to get our hands to the new device.

The phone looks really good. Obviously the had to cut down the price. I mean £260 plus a 2 year O2 contract in UK for around £50 per month was a lot. I could buy tomorrow the N95 8gb which costs £500 device only for free with a 12 month contract for around £30. So the new prices are $199 and $299. Now in UK can't say for sure it would be great if price was £100.

In Greece Vodafone will be the provider and I am really interested to see what the prices will be. Greek market is a very very strange market. People pay a lot of money for a contract that basically gives nothing (a few free minutes) and we also have to pay for the device. To give you an example, when we arrived back to Greece we registered with Vodafone for 2 new contract for me and Galia. We pay around 30 each for 150mins free that's 2,5 hours, no free messages and of course no free phone. I had to combine both contracts bonus and give on top an extra 100 to get a simple but very simple Nokia.

My estimate: iPhone + 2 years contract for about 55 euros per month plus 300 to 400 euros plus whatever other way they find to collect more money from a device that will definitely sell.

Good luck to us all!


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