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A very strange countryMarch 13 2008

A very strange country

After 4 long years in London we decided (me and my family) to return back to Greece. The reasons were many but the sun and nice weather was definitely on the top of our list.

We've been living here for 2 months now and I love it. Nice weather, happier friendly people. But nothing is perfect let's face it. Greece is a very complicated country especially when we come to cost of life. You can live in a 100m2 flat and pay 400 euros but you go to supermarket and pay 200 euros a week. You can have unlimited broadband 24mb but it will take you a year to be connected.

But let's get to the point the reason I am posting this is because of the recent strikes. Who is striking? Everyone. People just strike here. Hospitals, metro garbage men, students, teachers even electricity people. I've never seen so many strikes from so many different companies in my entire life. Right now I am posting this from a cafe because we don't have electricity home. But the issue is why all these people strike. Some of them have a descent reason. Better salary, better retirement plan. Some have their own reasons eg. the metro people strike because the Greek government is thinking to extend the metro hours to cover early Saturday morning. That's good you should think, more work, better transport, less cars. Nope for some means they will not be able to go to bouzoukia (greek live music) and that's why they strike.

It's a strange country and we are trying to adapt. I am a Greek myself and as strange as it sounds after 5 years in London I need time to adjust to some of this madness.

Can I have my electricity back now please.


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